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What is RiverQuest

Experience the 1000 Islands like never before!

RiverQuest is the gateway to all the incredible experiences the 1000 Islands region offers.

It’s a partnership made up of museums, castles, forts, theatres, art centers, environmental reserves and boat tours. It’s in Canada and the United States. It allows you to create your own family “quest” or purchase a themed quest, created by RiverQuest partners.

Whatever things you are “In Quest of”, be it adventure, culture, history or more, RiverQuest offers experiences that can be found nowhere else!

With this RiverQuest website, you can now find experiences and then create your own multi-location Quest based on a single theme, or a mix of things that appeal to everyone in your family!

20% of the world’s fresh water that isn’t frozen, flows through the 1000 Islands.

It’s home to castles, forts, cottages, boats, ships and exotic wildlife.

The River creates “micro-climates” where certain plants and animals thrive.

This area is recognized as the fresh water diving capital of the world.

UNESCO named it a World Biosphere Reserve.

What’s special about the 1000 Islands Region?

The 1000 Islands (actually 1864 of them) lie in the mighty St Lawrence River just east of the Great Lakes and between New York state (USA) and the province of Ontario (Canada). It’s famous for many reasons.

The history of this region is long, deep and interconnected. Native peoples called it “The Garden of the Great Spirit”. It was the original route explorers used to open up North America. The region’s amazing depth of “things to discover” has been shaped by generations of native people, explorers, armies, industrialists, builders, artists and everyday River folk.

What’s the Aquatarium?

It’s a 25,000 square foot Discovery Center on the shore of the St. Lawrence in Brockville, Ontario. It features a River Otter habitat, walk through aquariums, theatre, dive tank, ceiling rope course and many interactive exhibits. Through these exhibits, Aquatarium introduces visitors to the stories of the region and all its RiverQuest partners. Learn about the ‘Gilded Age’, the area’s ‘Pirates and Scallywags’, ‘All that Floats’, ‘Outdoor Adventure’ and more. The Aquatarium is the perfect launch point when visiting any of the many incredible experiences available on the River.