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Scott Ouderkirk Studios is located at River Road Farm, a self-sustaining homestead. Visit Scott in his studio as he creates original projects and restores the work of others. View animals such as Nigerian Dwarf Goats and a glass observation bee hive and then visit our gift shop.

We are working to grow and raise our own food including veggies, eggs, meat, honey and cheese. The working artist studio, with an interior created from parts of old wooden boats and barns, is where Scott makes creations with glass and paper which describe the area and his experiences. You never know what will become the subject of Scott's work as he explores the 1000 Islands. Please visit us and share our adventure between 10am and 4pm Wednesday through Sunday, additional hours by chance.

What You'll See

  • working artist studio
  • stained glass windows
  • stained glass lamps and panels
  • original artwork
  • books by onsite author/illustrator
  • Nigerian Dwarf Goats
  • laying and meat chickens
  • bee hives including an glass observation hive
  • gardens and greenhouse
  • flowers
  • a sustainable lifestyle
  • repurposed construction
  • view of the River and passing ships
  • gift shop