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Hailed as one of America's greatest artists of all time, take a trip to Ogdensburg NY and learn more about the man whose work is prominently displayed in the Oval Office.

Artist Frederic Remington is world famous for his bronze "cowboy" sculptures. But did you know he once owned a place in the 1000 Islands? The museum, located in Ogdensburg, NY, houses original paintings, sketches and sculptures, as well as many personal effects and correspondence that serve to bring his vision to life.


Frederic Remington (1861-1909) is best known for his art depicting the cowboys, soldiers and Native Americans of the Old West. The museum, originally a home, was built in 1810 and became the personal residence of Remington’s wife Eva, following his death. Founded as the Remington Art Memorial in 1923, the original collection consisted of artifacts derived from the estates of Eva and her sister Emma. Since the Museum’s founding, purchases and donations of Remington art and personal artifacts have added significantly to the breadth of this internationally acclaimed collection.

What You'll See

Some of the highlights to see and experience:

  • The museum houses a comprehensive collection of original Remington paintings, sketches and sculptures, as well as a broad array of personal effects and correspondence that serve to bring the artist and his vision to life.
  • Eva Remington Education Center, also know as Kid’s Place, is a place for children to learn and play. It’s located down the street from the Museum at 323 Washington Street.