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Whether you like to cruise in comfort, or hold onto your hat, 1000 Islands & Seaway Cruises has something for everyone. Departing from Brockville’s historic waterfront, discover the 1000 Islands at any pace!

If your quest takes you to Brockville, Ontario, take a cruise aboard one of 1000 Islands and Seaway Cruises' fleet of modern vessels. Offering a variety of traditional sightseeing cruises, 1000 Islands and Seaway Cruises also offer a variety of shorter adventurous cruises aboard their high-speed catamaran, the "WildCat". If you are In Quest of Speed, in the "WildCat" you will experience the 1000 Islands like never before.

What You'll See

  • Aboard one of the sightseeing cruises, you will see the main Seaway shipping channel, massive ships, the Shortest International Bridge, historic lighthouses, Boldt and Singer Castles and the many natural wonders of  Frontenac Arch Biosphere Reserve.
  • View the heart of the 1000 Islands on the two-hour “AdrenIsland” cruise featuring a view of both Boldt and Singer Castles or, experience the Cat for less aboard the one-hour “Singer Castle Express”.