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Clayton Island Tours offers one of the most unique boat tour experiences in the 1000 Islands. With daily stops to Rock Island Lighthouse and Boldt Castle, and scenic tours on our glass bottom boat, there's something for everyone to enjoy.

Clayton Island Tours provides a great way to experience the 1000 Islands. Travel to Rock Island and experience the breathtaking views overlooking the St. Lawrence River. Take a ride on their glass bottom boat, and get a unique glimpse of life below the waves or discover the heartbreaking story of Boldt Castle on one of the daily stops to Heart Island.

What You'll See

Rock Island Lighthouse 

  • Travel to Rock Island and experience the breathtaking views overlooking the St. Lawrence River. Visit the Lighthouse keeper’s home that is now a museum and gift shop. Walk the island and see the different buildings such as the building used to store whale oil to burn in the lighthouse.
  • In 2010, restoration of Rock Island and its structures began, using federal and state funds. The goal of the work is to make Rock Island a tourist destination that describes the station and its keepers, and gives a glimpse into life on the St. Lawrence River.

Glass Bottom Boat

  • The glass bottom boat tours at Clayton Island Tours provides folks of all ages an “in-depth” look at the timeless beauty of the St. Lawrence River. As the boat glides across the clean waters of the St. Lawrence, you’ll see why people have revered this place for centuries. You’ll also see some of the 1,864 Islands on one of the most beautiful rivers in world. And catch glimpses of the inhabitants here too: Perch, Sunfish, Northern Pike, and Black Bass all call the St. Lawrence home. The River is the place to visit for families who share a love of nature and want to teach their kids the value of natural beauty.
  • History comes alive as you hear about these turn of the century wrecks. Explore shipwrecks aboard the Clayton Island Tours glass bottom boat, a Coast Guard Certified aluminum vessel. Visit shipwrecks on the bottom of the River as seen through a glass viewing area. With twenty feet of visibility, these wrecks may now be seen by non-divers in comfort.

Join us for the most unique and complete Boldt Castle Tour!

  • The tour begins at the new pavilion in Clayton. It’s a replica of the train station that was where all of the “rich and famous” started their vacation in the area. Our experienced local guides provide a live narrative of the sites on both the American and Canadian sides of the St Lawrence River. This international tour will include several miles of the Canadian shoreline encompassing the magnificent summer homes, Whirlpool Channel, Tom Thumb Island, the Statue of Saint Lawrence, the Canadian span of the 1000 Island Bridge system along with the “Smallest International Bridge.”
  • We will then stop at Heart Island to enjoy a self guided tour of Boldt Castle. Departing Boldt Castle you will cruise Millionaires Row, passing summer homes of the rich and famous. As we cruise the American Channel you will enjoy the rich history, folklore and the large ships as they carry cargo to and from the ocean. After passing under the American Span of the 1000 Islands Bridge System, Rock Island Lighthouse will appear as a historical landmark reminding us of days gone by.