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Bytown Brigantine offers the opportunity for youth, teens and adults to have fun, learn new skills and gain confidence through our unique Tall Ship sailing adventures. Our programs range from weekend “Black jack” camps on the Ottawa River to day sails and 21-day voyages of discovery aboard the “Fair Jeanne”, sailing through the Thousand Islands, the Great Lakes and beyond.

Bytown Brigantine Inc. is a non-profit foundation dedicated to providing education, training and a demanding environment to allow young people to develop qualities of leadership and self-reliance through the medium of sailing vessels. Striving to never have a ship alongside, to never sail with an empty berth and to never leave a young person ashore for want of funds, Bytown Brigantine has competitively priced summer tall ship sailing programs for everyone 12 year of age and up!


Our founder, Simon Fuller, stood before the tall ship SV Black Jack as a teenager and dreamed of adventure under sail. He believed that young people, with the right support, determination, practice and resolve could achieve the loftiest of goals and the highest of responsibilities regardless of age. He then proved it as the SV Black Jack sailed into Quebec City and joined a fleet of magnificent ships from around the world.

Bytown Brigantine Inc. is a product of the spirit, imagination and tenacity of youth but its foundation lies solidly on the young-at-heart; the parents, grandparents and guardians who allowed them to explore their potential through watchful eyes, gentle nudges and (sometimes) baited breath. Simon Fuller would not have been able to reach Quebec City without the support of his family and guidance of his father who taught Simon that a good sailor requires both strength of character and top-notch seamanship skills.

For over 25 years Bytown Brigantine Inc. has been an organization for youth, run by youth. Our ships and programs operate and depend on their vision, commitment and elbow grease. We uphold the highest standards of safety and serve to inspire by fostering the growth and development of leadership, confidence and self-reliance.

What You'll See


Day Sails (Ages 12 and up)

Come and join our crew! This 8 hour Introduction to Tall Ship Sailing aboard the Fair Jeanne is for the young and the young at heart.  We welcome anyone from 12 years of age and up, youth and adults, mothers and daughters, dads and lads, families and friends, who want to become sail trainees and learn the ropes for a day.  All Day Sails begin at 8am and end at 4pm at the Riverquest Aquatarium Dock in Brockville, ON.  From July 2-6, July 16-20 and, July 30-August 3.  Adults(19+) $98  Youth (12-18) $58.

Youth/Teen Voyages (Ages 13-18)

Set sail aboard the 110’ brigantine Fair Jeanne on one of our exciting voyages. Our trainees discover the adventure and thrill of working as a team to meet the challenge of sailing an authentic tall ship. You may find yourself hoisting the sails, steering the ship, standing anchor watches and helping cook meals too! Perhaps you’ll climb high up into the rigging to furl the sails or out onto the bowsprit to free a sail–something new all the time. Come aboard one of our two 5-day programs from Kingston to Brockville July 9-13 or July 23-27 or on our 21 day voyage from Brockville to Prince Edward Island August 7-27(and earn an OSSD high school credit along the way!).

Adult Voyages (Ages19+)

Join us as we journey up the St. Lawrence River.  Our voyage begins in Quebec City on September 6, where you will join the Fair Jeanne and experience the tall ship festivities centered around the 150th Anniversary of the Charlottetown Accord.  From there we will continue up the St. Lawrence River to Montreal, Cornwall, Prescott, ending in Brockville on Friday, September 12.


Youth Voyages (Ages 12-14)

Participate in our exciting programs that combine sailing aboard the 87′ brigantine Black Jack with small boat sailing aboard our two traditional 27′ navy whalers. In the tradition of the Ottawa River’s logging history, the trainees live aboard an authentic floating bunkhouse at Bytown’s 18 acre seamanship adventure camp facility on Alexandria and Simcoe Islands, located near Fitzroy Provincial Park. Trainees spend their time sailing and learning new skills – with lots of time left over for swimming, campfires, games and fun. Everyone is divided into ‘watch’ teams, working together sailing the boats and sharing responsibility for safety watches, meal preparation and adventure course activities.  5 and 10 day camps available from July 7- August 22.