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At the turn of the 20th century, the President of the Singer Sewing Machine Company had a five-story hunting lodge built on Dark Island. So come and discover the century old castle. You can even book an overnight stay in the Royal Suite!

Singer Castle on Dark Island is one must do stop in "Quest of the Gilded Age". It is located on the St. Lawrence Seaway in the United States, just over the border with Canada and is accessible only by water. It is open to the public via tour boat or private vessel and offers free docking. Guided tours of the magnificent 100-year old Castle and island grounds feature intricate architecture, beautiful furnishings and puzzling secret passages.


Singer Castle, originally known as “The Towers”, was designed and built in 1905 by Director and President of Singer Sewing Machine Company, Frederick Gilbert Bourne. As a surprise for his wife Emma and their 9 children, Frederick Bourne purchased Dark Island and built the Castle for a cost of $500,000. Singer Castle is the only castle on the St.Lawrence River to be completed, fully furnished and resided in during the heyday of the ‘great builders’ and industrials in New York. The Castle remained in the possession of the original Bourne family from its construction until the mid 1960′s.

What You'll See

Some of the highlights to see and experience:

  • Four floors of the Castle featuring the Great Hall, Library, Dining Room, Breakfast Room, Terrace, Drawing Room, Loggia, Wicker Room, Bedrooms, Guest Rooms and 4th floor Dormitory.
  • Intricate architecture including the castle’s Medieval entranceway, a massive marble fireplace with Knights of Armor standing guard, and the marble stairway leading to the former Breakfast Room.
  • The 5-story Clock Tower with four 6-foot diameter clock faces featuring Westminster Chimes that sound every 15 minutes.
  • The walnut-paneled Library houses many original books and a secret panel connecting to passages inside the walls with built-in grates used for spying on guests.
  • Original interior furnishings and artifacts such as Italian hand-carved ornate tables and chairs, wrought-iron chandeliers, brass lamps, oak cabinets, bronze work, lithographs and many paintings.
  • The boathouse which contains the original powerhouse with generator room, battery room, water and fire pumps and screw jacks to raise the yacht from the water for winter storage.