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The Cornwall Brothers Store and Museum, located on the waterfront in Alexandria Bay, New York, offers a variety of exhibits about 1000 Islands history, a lecture series, special events and tours.

The Cornwall Brothers’ stone building was built in 1866, and is the last surviving historic waterfront building in Alexandria Bay. Originally founded in 1839, the business was the center of commerce in the village until it closed in 1929, falling victim to the Great Depression. Since then it has served as a customs house, a U.S. Coast Guard station and a U.S. Post Office. About to be torn down in 1973, the Alexandria Township Historical Society was formed in order to save the building.

What You'll See

Semi-permanent and changing exhibits examine the history of Alexandria Bay, surrounding communities and the 1000 Islands. Exhibits feature boating and boatbuilding, steamship lines, fishing, photography, wars and military history, local businesses and personalities, and more.

Gallery Presentations
Every year a series of lectures on topics of regional interest by experts on a variety of subjects are presented at the Museum.

Every year two Victorian Teas are held on Cherry Island, including tours of the historic cottage Casa Blanca. Every other year we alternate between a house tour of an historic property and a Searchlight Tour – a recreation of an evening tour and historic narrative aboard a tour vessel.

The Alexandria Township Historical Society maintains rich collections of photographs, historic documents, and artifacts that are made accessible to researchers.