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Departing from Gananoque, Ontario, Gananoque Boat Line is the largest and oldest cruise company in the 1000 Islands. A variety of day and evening cruises allow you to discover castles, lost ships, pirates, the beautiful scenery of the 1000 Islands and much more.

Gananoque Boat Line launches from Gananoque, Ontario, located just 20 minutes east of Kingston, Ontario. While cruising on the shimmering waters of the St. Lawrence River, you'll hear stories and legends of triumph, tragedy, romance, shipwreck and piracy that have added to the 1000 Islands' international reputation. No matter your Quest, Gananoque Boat Line cruises are a great way to voyage through both the Canadian and American spans of the 1000 Islands.

What You'll See

Some of the highlights to see and experience:

  • Lavish homes of the rich and famous; captains of industry, railroad barons, songwriters and singers.
  • The haunts of vagabonds and villains on both sides of the international border between Canada and the United States.