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RiverQuest would like to acknowledge the hard work and support of these individuals.

Ian Coristine

Ian Coristine has had a remarkable life as a formula race car driver, pilot, photographer and award-winning book publisher. He is best known for his iconic photographs of The 1000 Islands, having published 5 bestselling books of photography, two of which won international Benjamin Franklin Awards. Selected by France’s DxO Labs as an Image Master, Coristine’s Thousand Islands photographs have seen around the world in magazines, books and on the internet.

His most ambitious project is an interactive iPad eBook titled One in a Thousand. Co-written with Donna Walsh Inglehart, One is a memoir describing Coristine’s aerial and island adventures through text, hundreds of images, video and music from Canada’s award winning band Great Lake Swimmers. Produced by McLellan Interactive Publishing, it has won critical acclaim, 5-star reviews and two MarCom awards